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Neon Strip

DC12V WS2811 Neon led strip


 Working Voltage: 12V

 Max power: 14.4W

 LED type: 5050RGB


 LED Qty:60pcs

 Pixels Qty: 20 pixels

 Waterproof grade:  IP67
    WS2811 SPI single signal control mode;
    FPC material, can be bent;
    120-degree luminescence without dark area;
    Series transmission, stable signal;
    The welding pad each 0.5m can cuttable
    Application:The product can be widely used in Culb, Stage, Rental , KTV, Game machine, building Ceiling and so on...
    The LED neon strip replaces the traditional neon tube. The green and energy-saving LED light source is used inside, and the effect of pixels per meter can be realized through control. The material is flexible silica gel, convenient for small Angle bending, and the working voltage is low-voltage DC 12V, which is highly safe.
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