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LED controller

K-8000D Controller

Input  Voltage:  5V
Control  Pixel :  8192 Pixels
Max power:  3W
Product  Name:  K8000D LED Controller
Support  Chip:  DMX512,WS2811 / 2812 ,TM18系列,UCS512, UCS19

    1. The controller itself comes with rite code function
    2. K-8000D itself comes with thirty kinds effects programs
    3. 32 to 65536 level gray scale control, Gamma correction
    4. The controller has eight output ports, each port can support 512 pixels
    5. Supports kinds of point, line, surface light source, support kinds of rules and shaped handle
    6. The K-8000D controller can be encrypted, the encryption method is based on the switch times
    7. The controller can be single used, can also be multiple cascaded,the cascaded distance can reach 200m; the playback content stored in the SD card

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