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LED Pixel Bar interpret the perfect integration of art and technology

Time:2024-04-26 Views:1257
LED Pixel Bar interpret the perfect integration of art and technology

On the stage of the Beijing Auto Show, the LED Pixel Bar not only add splendid brilliance to the auto show, but also attract the attention of the audience with its unique charm.
The hand-in-hand cascade design of the LED Pixel Bar makes the lighting effect more smooth and natural, as if a gorgeous picture scroll is unfurling on the booth. 
Their delicate and soft lighting creates a warm and romantic atmosphere, making the entire auto show filled with an artistic atmosphere.
The design of hiding the wires on the back not only makes the booth more tidy and beautiful, but also provides convenience for installation and maintenance. 
And with the precise control of the Art-Net controller, the color and brightness changes of the pixel bars are like a dreamlike and fascinating visual feast.
CATL choice of our pixel bar undoubtedly represents a high recognition of the quality and performance of our products. 
They are not only a kind of lighting tool, but also the perfect integration of art and technology, bringing an unforgettable visual experience to the audience.
In this auto show full of creativity and passion, the pixel bar have become the link between the car and the audience. They tell the story of the car with light and convey the brand‘s value and concept. 
Let‘s walk into the light and shadow world of the Beijing Auto Show together and feel the infinite charm brought by the pixel bar!