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Production Line

1. After confirming the order, we will purchase the material of the LED strip lights and check the materials to see if they are right and whether they are in good quality.
2. After making sure the materials are up to the quality standard, we will assemble the PCB,the led strip light and all the materials. After that,we will check the components validity.
3. After checking the components, we will start to ...Read more

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 Product Type:  Led controller

Place of origin: China  
Model No.: CL-T-8000A
Price Term: EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR  
Payment Term: Moneygram, Westerm union, T/T, L/C, Paypal  
Package: EPE and inner box 
Minimun Order: 1PCS  
Delivery Time: 3-10 working days after confirm the order
Product description


1)Input  Voltage: AC110-220
2) Output: 5V-24V
3) Online control: Yes
4) Progrm function: Yes 
5)Control pixel QT: 1024*8
6) Out ports: 8 ports
7) Software: LEDeditor
2.T-8000A System features
1) 32—256 Gray level,Support software Gamma correction
2) Support the rules and special-shaped handle.
3) Eight--port output,every port can support 512-1024 pixels
4) Offline (SD Card) control ,can be multiple controllers used in combination, play back content stored in the SD card.
5) Compatible with single and dual IC, if you control a single line IC LED lights, without being connected to the CLK line.
6) New T-8000A have a screen, The controller can be encrypted to limit the times of use.
3. NOTE: 
 1) When T-8000A controller control less than 512 lamps the frame rate can reach 30fps. When T-1000 controls more than 512 lamps and less than 1024 lamps the frame rate will slow down automatically.
2)  In the 2012 production version of the T-8000A to add a Chinese flag on the surface, you must use the new software.   
3) Before copy files to SD card ,The SD card must be formatted as FAT format.
Please see drawing, and can support more IC type, Like 8806, ws2812b, sk6812, ucs1903, ws2811...... If you want only control dmx, please choose K-8000D
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