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1. After confirming the order, we will purchase the material of the LED strip lights and check the materials to see if they are right and whether they are in good quality.
2. After making sure the materials are up to the quality standard, we will assemble the PCB,the led strip light and all the materials. After that,we will check the components validity.
3. After checking the components, we will start to ...Read more

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UV market tendency

 The UV LED is a new LED journey and is considered one of the next generation of light sources.Six months, UV LED has become LED BBC, LED laboratory and LED one of the market to be bestowed favor, plus minamata convention, such as electricity saving preferential policies to promote power, more and more domestic and foreign enterprises to speed up the layout, UV LED market will be  burst.

Set consulting LED research center (LEDinside) in the latest release of "2017 UV LED module and application market report" pointed out that UV LED market output will grow to $288 million in 2017 (1.956 billion yuan);In 2020, it will be  more than $526 million (about 35.73 billion yuan), and the composite growth rate (CAGR) will be 34% in 2015 and 2020.In terms of uv LED income , Japan and south Korean manufacturers are sitting in the top five, with the order of Japan, Nitride, Seoul Viosys, LG Innotek and USHIO/Epitex.
In domestic and foreign policy, well-equipped, driven by the UV LED the market penetration rate is greatly increased, according to LEDinside observe, UV LED in accordance with the application, mainly for the UV light curing - ALED application market, which need high radiation intensity of illumination of offset lithography, high uniformity of light exposure machine application market is the most popular, some special curing market demand also gradually rise.
In addition, LEDinside estimates that the company will continue to launch uv-products in 2017, thanks to the uv-enhanced technology.Among them, liquid water sterilization still needs to wait for the time to mature, consumer products, air cleaner and air conditioning products, static water sterilization and other markets, more opportunities to take off.In the first half of the year, with the combination of strong enterprises and a series of UV LED new products, UV LED technology is also accelerating.Next, we can look at the development trends of UV leds in various factories.
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