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1. After confirming the order, we will purchase the material of the LED strip lights and check the materials to see if they are right and whether they are in good quality.
2. After making sure the materials are up to the quality standard, we will assemble the PCB,the led strip light and all the materials. After that,we will check the components validity.
3. After checking the components, we will start to ...Read more

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  • 2017-10-23
    - Select high quality material - Good products originated from good mood. - Control every process with heart - 24H aging test to end defective products - new products after many testing and practices - meet international shipping standards to insure safety
  • 2017-10-11
    The difference between the two parameters is large: 3528 is made of small power wafers, driven generally by 20mA, with power of 0.06W;The light flux 3~9Lm. 2835 is made of medium power wafer, driving generally 30~150mA, power is 0.1~0.5 W, and the luminous flux is 10~50LM.
  • 2017-10-09
    magic led strip article mainly divided into two kinds of signaling protocol, the article on the market most magic led strip to SPI signaling protocol: series signal, the simple, the cost is low, the price is cheap, stability, bad IC, directly behind the dawn;Another DMX512 signal protocol, parallel signal, each one independent IC signal, an IC is damaged, the other is not affected, therefore engineering project proposal with DMX lighting, fairly stable, easy to maintain!
  • 2017-09-28
    The same is: WS2812 and WS2812B are built-in IC lamp bead: to integrate the traditional driver IC encapsulation to 5050 RGB lights inside, all lines in the replace with gold thread, not only saves space, reduce the failure rate between the bonding pad, and shortened the transmission distance, make the transmission speed faster, more stable performance. Differences: WS2812B is a four-legged light ball, WS2812 is a six-legged light bead, WS2812B is the updated version of WS2812, 2812B is more cost-effective than 2812, so now more customers prefer WS2812B.
  • 2017-09-25
    Usually 20pcs, but could customized as client request.
  • 2017-09-25
    1. UV medical, UV light is not necessarily shines on the human body is harmful, some bands of ultraviolet radiation in the clinical can also remove the patient's pain, such as vitiligo, after coating the drug, accept some ultraviolet radiation, can produce melanin, to The effect of treatment. 2. UV detection, in the anti-counterfeiting, people will be a special pattern with UV fluorescent material forming, the general case of light, there is no image presented, but in the ultraviolet radiation, you can see this fluorescent pattern. Mainly used in passports, train tickets, pharmaceutical packaging, caps and so on. 3. UV sterilization, this effect is good, super UV can instantly kill the water in the virus, mainly for hospitals, public places, kindergartens, nursing homes and other space disinfection, this way slowly into the family's daily life Water treatment and so on. 4. UV curing, UV glue, UV ink in the ultraviolet light, the instant from the liquid into a solid, in order to achieve fixation, color and other effects. Carbon and sulfur analyzer This way is the most closely related to our daily life, and even more common than sterilization, but this process for most people do not know and to. Like the modern optoelectronic products, will be involved, such as mobile phones have a lot of applications, LCD sealing, the handset on the voice coil and sound film bonding, mobile phone shell spray, CD-ROM laser head, computer LCD, hard disk head , As well as the latest optical communication devices, UV fight
  • 2017-09-22
    lpd6803 led strip is double signal strip, it has 4 cables( V+, Data, CLK, GND), grayscale is 32 and 5 bit. When the effect is achieved, there is a clear transition in brightness.
  • 2017-09-21
    DMX-3D ICE TUBE adopts DMX control technoogy,combine with new design from Minvol company,it can reach high brightness,high level of gray and beautiful color.It is made of SMD5050 assemles(on double-side board),matching imported high transparent PC shell,beam angle can reach 360 degrees,keep slight weight,beautiful appearance,much safety from extra environment,high reliablity.It is easy to install and convenient to use.It support to display 3D letters,3D signs,3Dvideo and 3D animation when online working,meanwhile it also works independently and synchronously by copy the documents and showing design in the SD card when offline working.It is becoming more and more famous and more attractive by night club,KTV,wine bar,Concert,theatre and Stage.
  • 2017-09-20
    Lumens (LM), light efficiency (LM / W), Life span (hrs) are very important factors when choosing LED light source The higher, the better Besides, brand of LED chip and other material influence the product reliability.
  • 2017-09-20
    Quality first. We always attach great importance to quality controlling at any time. Our factory has gained certificates, like CE,RoHS.
  • 2017-09-20
    Yes, we may consider discounts for multiple container load of mixed goods or bulk orders of individual products.
  • 2017-09-19
    Different country had different import policy, you need to figure out with Custom. we dont have a exact answer about this, but most of country 25% on the invoice value.
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