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Production Line

1. After confirming the order, we will purchase the material of the LED strip lights and check the materials to see if they are right and whether they are in good quality.
2. After making sure the materials are up to the quality standard, we will assemble the PCB,the led strip light and all the materials. After that,we will check the components validity.
3. After checking the components, we will start to ...Read more

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About Products
What is the difference between SMD3528 and SMD2835?

 The difference between the two parameters is large: 3528 is made of small power wafers, driven generally by 20mA, with power of 0.06W;The light flux 3~9Lm. 2835 is made of medium power wafer, driving generally 30~150mA, power is 0.1~0.5 W, and the luminous flux is 10~50LM.

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